iMessage New Rival BlackBerry Messenger

With the growing
spread of Instant Messenger on the young and old, For tentunta BlackBerry users are familiar with the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which is endemic. Manufacturers Apple launched a breakthrough for users by presenting iMessage. Certainly good news abgi apple lovers. iMessage a cloud computing-based data services that functions the same as Apple's fuel, Yahoo Messenger, or Whats App.

IMessage Users can also perform a series of activities such as sending messages, photos, videos, exchange contacts, through any IOS device. This application also supports group chat, and integrated with notification features are present in IOS 5, iMessage application works well from Wifi or 3G connection.

Some analysts also assess iMessage technology is a serious threat to BlackBerry and its fuel. In fact, this warning could make the stock price by Research in Motion (RIM) as the manufacturer of the BlackBerry, declined in the United States. We'll see, if BlackBerry users called can not live without fuel, whether Apple fan boys also feel the same way with this iMessage.


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