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Three things: friendship, loss and an alien could be no reasonable combinations of words. But the film picked up three points with a fun sophistication. I watch the 'Super 8' has been waiting for many people in Hanoi. With ticket prices of about 45 thousand dollars, film audiences in the communist country can watch all kinds of Vietnam the latest Hollywood movie complete with a clip behind the scenes, and special messages from the stars (such as "Hello, Vietnam survived watching", or something like that) before filming began.

Film 'Super 8' now occupying the top box office hit in the United States. The name of the producer, Steven Spielberg is one thing that makes this film get the publicity and promotion echo is very large. The film itself was directed by JJ Abrams who has memproduser films such as 'Cloverfield' (2008) or 'Star Trek' (2009). With a record like this work, the audience must come up with anticipation to see a nice movie, complete with stories and visual effects and sound are all giants.

And fortunately, it missed the audience anticipation. Film 'Super 8' may take the usual story that could be said, but eventually could be executed with relatively good. Ohio, 1979. Joe Lamb is a boy who just lost her mother in an accident. His father, Jack is the sheriff (the sheriff). Joe helps his friends, led by an ambitious director named Charles fat and make a short film with super-8 tapes in order to attend a film festival. The film itself tells the story of a detective who wants to solve the mystery of the undead (zombies) are roaming in their area.

They invite Alice (played impressively by the younger Dakota Fanning, Elle Fanning) to star in and take them to the set in a remote railway station a few kilometers from the city of Ohio. After the cuteness and silliness in the preparation of a variety of filming, they accidentally saw the explosion of a train set. Mahadasyat explosion was caught on their cameras. They saw Dr. Woodward, their teacher, on the scene in a state badly injured. They then fled in fear and get out of the scene.

Train a series of explosions quickly followed the strange events that occurred in the town of Ohio. Jack Lamb was in charge of the search and handling of the disaster. While the relationship between Joe and Alice drew near, her father, Louis, who hit his mother and Jack increasingly unhappy relationship between the two teenagers. But they were both desperate, especially after the strange events have continued to arrive.

With the help of a shopkeeper movie, Charles and Joe could see the results of explosion events recorded at the station. They saw 'a' strange creatures destroying several buildings, attract the dogs to come, and make the iron-iron flying. The city began to chaos. Military force to take over and force all residents to evacuate. In a precarious state, this group was determined to solve the mystery of which hit the city. With the lure of beautiful and sexy her brother, Charles asked the shopkeeper to take them to school. Apparently in this school, all the secrets about the attacks and a strange creature was answered.

The film ends with a round of stories that are not convincing. This is quite unfortunate considering the film has been built with the cues and exciting plot. Kids games actor also so natural that comedy and they convey so natural. But above all, the technical quality of this film is to be the main selling. Explosion process, as well as the chaos in the city that raised by this strange creature dealt with technical skills and remarkable cinematographic. The images of flying and running computer engineering at the screen, giving it the necessary kinetic quality. Mixing of genres (family drama, comedy, thriller, and science fiction) is increasingly giving weight to the film, which in essence purely for entertainment.

 If it can be seen more than an entertainment, this movie uses historical references American psychology, especially with the Vietnam war and the military industrial complex that controls the American subconscious until now. Maybe people will wonder how American kids have been so accustomed to and familiar with all forms of militarism and violence. But it is, a film like this could be two sides of a knife: he could be entertainment, but also the socialization of violence. And for something like this, Hollywood is still undefeated.


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