Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo


After launching its first premium mobile phone in 2011, Arc Xperia, Sony Ericsson is ready to back hit the market with a smart phone that is not less impressive, Xperia Neo. Vivaz was asked as the next generation, the Neo does have a design very similar to mobile phones are quite popular 2010. Only Neo with a 3.7 inch screen, Neo has a slightly larger than the Vivaz which has 3.2-inch screen. Larger screen is very helpful for the user in operating the touch screen to minimize errors in the push button. 

With dimensions of 116x57x13 mm and weighs 126 grams, as well as designs that follow the curve of the hand, make the Neo is very comfortable to grip size is quite big though. Like the Arc, Neo brings new Android operating system 2.3 or Gingerbread and rely on Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 1GHz as kitchen pacunya 8255. The main feature is the main attraction of course Neo is a high resolution 8.1 megapixel camera. Not only presents an excellent image quality, Neo also features a number of supporting features that make the experience more enjoyable picture. 

Capture One is Touch that lets users take pictures with just one touch on the screen. Users can also instantly share photos with friends via email or social networking site Facebook. Another feature that can be enjoyed by users is Timescape featuring a variety of update messages, ranging from email, SMS to the status of social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Users can place one widget Timescape on Neo home screen so they could check all the updates without having to open many applications. 

Chromebook Sale Start Next Week


Notebooks with the operating system made ​​by Google called Chrome Chromebook will eventually be available commercially. Chromebook first made ​​Samsung Electronics began to be sold on and Best Buy Co. next week. Price Chromebook 3G priced at 500 dollars per unit. While Chromebook access wi-fi connections have sold for 430 U.S. dollars per unit

The device has a 12.1 inch screen and weighs 1.5 kilograms (kg) is equipped with two USB ports and card reader. Cloud computing technologies available in this tablet. Samsung claims the battery life of up to 8.5 hours of this tablet. How to use Chrome as a web browser. Accessing documents, games, even watching a film is run through a browser. Users can obtain a new customized applications for operating systems, including the New York Times and the Angry Birds, which can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store online.

In addition to Acer, a computer company that will release in the near future Chromebook is Acer. Google has not informed the manufacturer where else will follow. Chromebook a new category of notebooks that try Google introduced with the concept of cloud computing. All applications and data accessed via the Internet so that if the notebook is lost, users can directly access to content back to normal with a new device because all data or application is set up in the cloud that can only be accessed with a secret key to each person. 

Hot Movie : Super 8


Three things: friendship, loss and an alien could be no reasonable combinations of words. But the film picked up three points with a fun sophistication. I watch the 'Super 8' has been waiting for many people in Hanoi. With ticket prices of about 45 thousand dollars, film audiences in the communist country can watch all kinds of Vietnam the latest Hollywood movie complete with a clip behind the scenes, and special messages from the stars (such as "Hello, Vietnam survived watching", or something like that) before filming began.

Film 'Super 8' now occupying the top box office hit in the United States. The name of the producer, Steven Spielberg is one thing that makes this film get the publicity and promotion echo is very large. The film itself was directed by JJ Abrams who has memproduser films such as 'Cloverfield' (2008) or 'Star Trek' (2009). With a record like this work, the audience must come up with anticipation to see a nice movie, complete with stories and visual effects and sound are all giants.

And fortunately, it missed the audience anticipation. Film 'Super 8' may take the usual story that could be said, but eventually could be executed with relatively good. Ohio, 1979. Joe Lamb is a boy who just lost her mother in an accident. His father, Jack is the sheriff (the sheriff). Joe helps his friends, led by an ambitious director named Charles fat and make a short film with super-8 tapes in order to attend a film festival. The film itself tells the story of a detective who wants to solve the mystery of the undead (zombies) are roaming in their area.

Acer : Iconia Tab A500


Acer released Iconia Tab A500. Honeycomb Android OS (3.0) is the latest version of the Android platform operating system specifically intended for players tablet market. From the side view, OS 'honeycomb' is indeed quite revolutionary. The drums of war 'Nests Honey' as beaten as Acer and Asus have started expanding their product to market. Soon some vendors also predicted to do the same. If the first Eee Transformer Pad can amaze prospective users with external keyboard, then if Acer Iconia Tab A500 could also win the hearts of potential customers? Let us look at the design and performance, as well as advantages and disadvantages of this poduk.

The tablet feels really heavy and quite fat when compared iPad iPad or 2, Eee Transformer Pad, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10, and HTC Flyer that will be followed out. Display body tablets 'honeycomb' is indeed long for holding a tablet that has not been unusual 10 inch. With the rear cover patterned brushed metal body, this product at least a little look elegant. Users also can use a glossy screen coating on the front as a 'mirror' if this Iconia power button is turned off. For the business of the port, the Acer tablet design that carried it quite neatly. At the top of the hidden port Micro SD external memory (up to 32GB) with a lid. Temporal on the other side there is a micro USB port, HDMI, and audio jacks. Do not forget to affix Acer docking port at the bottom.

Armed with 256 thousand color LCD technology, 1280x800 pixel resolution, a new look as though Android 3.0 bewitching its users to not let this tablet away from the hand. Although some pages slightly broken homscreen when shifted, but did not make the performance of this A500 Iconia Tab forced to slow down as the screen displays the multitasking. There is a five-page homescreen that can be shifted to the right and left. Like the Asus Honeycomb tablet, at the bottom left there was a back button, home, and the applications being run. Acer was also a new interface to directly access the eBooks, multimedia, song, or game.

Optimus Black: Android from LG


Wrap jet black cover that surrounds this phone looks so thick, though its stylish design still reflected. This is Optimus Black, smartphone Android 'sweet black' from LG. If traced back, South Korean vendors were not too high frequency of cell phone collection is surrounded by a dark color cast. Especially if it looked a bit backward, LG actually appear with bold designs carrying the striking colors. One is a series Optimus Me. But now, LG just went into a more mobile segment of fashion forward designs with a bandage nan stylish jet black color. In addition to the slim body - no wider than a pinkie finger and weighing adults only 109 grams - large 4 inch screen WVGA IPS LCD has a big hand in shaping the body of Optimus Black. The displays are also a mainstay of LG to compete with existing technologies in Super Amoled Galaxy Samsung smartphone series.

With Nova display technology, full touch screen mobile phone screen design is said to be able to present a better view when taken outdoors. Energy consumption also claimed 50% more efficient than the kinds of regular LCDs. when Optimus Black brought to roam in the sun, the mobile phone is quite okay, the screen can be adjusted to obtain a clearer picture. While the 1500mAh batteries that power can be relied upon for long trips. Still, this does not apply if the user is actively playing a variety of applications in mobile embedded operating system is Android 2.2.

Optimus Black is equipped with two cameras, to the back of the 5-megapixel 2-megapixel while the front and claimed to be the first in the world. Understandably, the average smartphone today is still limited to scored a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front. To the front of the camera, although it is claimed 'the world's first' still capabilities 2-megapixel lens is fairly standard, nothing too special when competing.

Super 8 Slide the X-Men: First Class from the Top Box Office


Science fiction film by director JJ Abraham's 'Super 8 ' made ​​a surprise debut at the inaugural week of screenings. The film was released on June 10, 2011 it managed to shift the 'X-Men: First Class' from the top of U.S. box office.

'Super 8' managed to reap revenues of U.S. $ 37 million. This figure exceeds the expectations of Paramount Pictures are targeting revenues of U.S. $ 36 million in the first week of screenings.

'X-Men: First Class' is ranked second with box office revenues of U.S. $ 25 million. Last week, a film starring James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender was pulled in U.S. $ 56 million.

The film comedy "The Hangover Part II 'is still a stand in a row of five big box office ranked third. The film, starring Bradley Cooper had earned U.S. $ 18.5 million.

Sequel to "Salt" Starting Assignment


Sony Pictures reportedly is developing a sequel to Salt film, starring veteran actress Angelina Jolie. reported that screenwriter Kurt Wimmer is now working on a screenplay for a sequel to the film. Concerning the title that will be used and when filming will begin, still waiting for official information from the Sony Pictures. Interest in the Sony to make a sequel to Salt inseparable from the success of his first film in 2010. Film director Phillip Noyce was pulled in domestic revenues to 118 million U.S. dollars and total revenue globally to 300 million U.S. dollars.
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